Delivery Route Sales         

A system to allow the tracking of delivery-based inventory via routes/trucks and billing of your customers/stores.  Invoices/credits may be transmitted via EDI or on paper.  If you supply freezers/refrigeration units to your stores that may be tracked as well.  Daily or weekly invoices may be generated for your customers.  Below, you will find screen shots and sample invoices and reports from this great product by Team Software, Inc.  There's more details than can be shown in a few moments here ... call or email us for more info.

The Delivery Route Sales module incorporates maintenance of master files, printing of user-defined invoices, purchases, entry of invoices, truck reconciliation, and EDI processing. The Delivery Route Sales module integrates information to the Accounts Receivable and General Ledger sections of our TeamSoft Business Accounting module.


The Delivery Route Sales module has the following features:                                                     Download FREE 30-day DEMO

1) handles printing of user-defined invoices (even on dot-matrix printers for multiple copies)

2) reconcile trucks daily and weekly

3) handles future price changes by storing an effective price change date

4) automated posting to the Accounts Receivable section of our TeamSoft Business Accounting module

5) integrates into our Handheld Interface module *

6) construction of your own reports from data in the D/S files through our Report Generator module *

7) integration of D/S data to a word processor or spreadsheet through our Report Generator module *

8) ability to batch-process multiple D/S options through our AutoPilot module (very useful for Month-End procedures) *

* purchased separately

The system comes with our mini-accounting software (primarily for Accounts Receivable purposes), free phone help for installation, and 6 months free phone support ... all for only $1,500.00 (See our Cost Calculator for more accurate pricing for your situation).  And NO monthly maintenance or support fees!  After the first 6 months, if you need a few hours per year of assistance, you are billed at our low hourly rate (currently only $72.00/hour)!  This may mean only a few dollars per YEAR instead of a few hundred dollars per MONTH!


You may watch a video about Team Delivery Route Sales

On all screens, a light-blue-colored field allows you to Peform A Search to find the data.

There is a special screen in the Customer Maintenance that contains specific information for Delivery Route Sales.  The other screens contain general (address) information, and information you can use to verify credit.


The system contains up to 50 different prices, SRP (suggested retail price), and effective prices/dates for each product.

You may also maintain different pricing for each customer.  There are several different utilities to change pricing so that you don't have to spend time manually entering each price change.


You can setup and maintain different user-defined invoice forms.                                                 Download FREE 30-day DEMO


User-defined invoices may be printed along with any unpaid amounts (open invoices).


Purchases can be entered for different trucks/routes.


Sales, exchanges, and returns can be entered for different customers/stores.


Daily and weekly truck reconciliation reports may be printed. (daily shown below)


You can transfers inventory to different trucks/routes and enter an actual balance, so that you can show how much inventory is over or under the calculated balance.                                                                                             Download FREE 30-day DEMO


You may print daily or weekly invoices for selected customers/stores. (weekly shown below)

You may enter daily points for each customer and weekly mileage for each route/truck to be able to generate a worksheet for billing national accounts.                                                                                                    Download FREE 30-day DEMO


Weekly point worksheet report may be printed.

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