2023 W-2 Information

This link contains the Notice to Employee and Instructions for Employee that are normally contained on the back of W-2 forms.  This document should be printed for each employee and included with their W-2 forms. If you (the employer) do not wish to print this document yourself, you may direct employees to our web page so they can print this document for themselves.


2024 Tax Tables

In order to match U.S. Government specifications, Version 5.04.00 of Team Software (or newer) is required to compute all taxes properly.  If you do not have Version 5.04.00 (or newer), please contact Team Software, Inc. for an update.

The screens shown here should correspond to the version of our software available in January, 2024 (Version 5.04.00 or newer).  You should be able to find the corresponding screens in your current version.  Scroll down to see all four of the necessary screens for all taxpayers, as well as the fifth screen for Illinois taxpayers.  Click here to automatically update your P/R FEDERAL information.



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