TeamSoft Accounting

Team Software's Accounting package is a powerful, easy-to-use, complete accounting solution. This package is a fully integrated system with many different modules tying together to give you all the necessary information to run your business.


Grain Inspection

A system to allow the creation of Government approved certificates of inspection.  These official certificates will be transferred to the government's official site.  You can use this official information to create billing for your customers.  You may also add miscellaneous charges for services you provide above and beyond the normal government requirements for additional charges, time and mileage.  The Grain Inspection module integrates information to our Business Accounting package.


Delivery Route Sales

A system to allow the tracking of delivery-based inventory via routes/trucks and billing of your customers/stores.  Invoices/credits may be transmitted via EDI or on paper.  If you supply freezers/refrigeration units to your stores that may be tracked as well.  Daily or weekly invoices may be generated for your customers.  The Delivery Route Sales module integrates information to our Business Accounting package.


Water Control

A system that includes maintenance of master files, entry of meter readings, generating of billing (both metered and non-metered), and printing bills/invoices for your customers.  Billing can be for ANY item, such as water, sewage, garbage collection, etc.  The Water Control module integrates information to the Business Accounting package.


Budget Processing

The most amazing software on the market to help you manage your home budget!  A system that provides you the ability to set up your sources of income and expenses (bills), and track your progress on your budget.  Complete with a Checking/Savings Reconciliation module for keeping track of your accounts.


Video Processing

A system that provides you the ability to set up, track, and watch the videos stored on your computer.  It will interface with your video player - whether Windows Media Player, Nero Showtime, or virtually any other player.  This program stores and searches titles, descriptions, ratings, time lengths, release/recorded date, three classification categories, comments/stars, and location/filename or each of your stored video files.  The system can track your last-watched date as well.


Home Control

A fantastic product that will revolutionize the way you look at your house!  You can turn lights on and off ... even over the telephone!  This product also will answer your phone calls and pre-screen those unwanted sales calls for you.  Our complete home scheduler will help you to remember birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events as well as doctor and dentist appointments.  It also can run computer events and programs like backups.



An add-in module that interacts with all of our other modules to allow you to set up procedures for repetitive tasks.  Examples would be things like month-end and year-end reports.  Any number of the available options can be combined into one or more processing batches.


Report Generator

A tool that allows you to create and modify the reports used in the Team Software modules.  This module allows you to modify our supplied reports and/or create completely new reports using any of the data in any of our software modules.


Tire Wholesale

(Online Orders)

An online ordering system that works in conjunction with our Tire Wholesale module.  We will design and host an ordering website for you that is accessible from anywhere on the net that can replace or be added to your existing web site. (additional monthly fees apply)



An add-in module that interacts with our accounting module to allow you to track timesheets tied to work orders.  Also, there is a credit card maintenance/tracking module included that has interaction with the purchase order and accounts payable modules of our accounting software.


Team Exports

A system to provide you the ability to export allowed data for validation files which you create.  The Team Exports module integrates information from ALL of our packages.


Ad Design

An advertising design tool that lets a printing-services supplier create drop-in ads, and allows the printing supplier's customers to place those ads into style sheets.  These designs are then e-mailed to the supplier for creation of high-quality advertising material.



A system that tracks towing and storage fees complete with integration to the Business Accounting package (not included).




A system for medical offices, etc. that tracks schedules and time blocks.  The software detects and helps avoid overlapping bookings.


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