Team Software, Inc.  

Team Software is a company of professionals in the computer industry who have been providing expert services and products since 1989 with some of the lowest rates available. Our courteous, knowledgeable staff can provide support and service in either plain English or computer terminology. We can act as an interface between companies so that solutions can be provided quickly and effectively. We have experience in LAN, WAN, SAN, fiber-optics, and are fully insured. We are experts in software, hardware maintenance and upgrades, wired and wireless networking, virus cleaning and server relocation. Team Software’s expertise in server relocation includes simple, small, single servers to large multi-server rack mounted systems. Relocations can be as simple as tear-down with shipping via FedEx, or can involve tear-down, transportation, and re-assembly at your new location. While we are located near the greater Chicagoland area, we have clients throughout the United States, Canada, and Western Europe. We have performed relocations (and other services) individually and in joint ventures with other companies.

We can hook your entire location up to the internet, or diagnose and fix your routing and signal problems. We can create your website, host your website, and create interfaces between your website and your internal computer system. Team Software sells custom-configured new computers (including small single servers and large rack-mounted server systems) as well as refurbished desktop and laptop computer systems. We can help you create both simple and complex spreadsheets, and can transfer data from your old computer to your new system. Our programmers can custom-write a quick fix or a complete long-term solution for your company. Disk cleaning, hard disk destruction (for security of your private data), software training, consulting, computer supplies, and the transfer and editing of business video are also available. Not only can we provide your supplies such as ink, paper, and checks, but usually at a lower cost than you are currently paying.

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